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We are glad to share the news : our Social Housing project  in Carabanchel (Madrid) has been recently finished. For more information and great images of the project, visit:






The residential tower in Alcorcón designed by Burgos & Garrido was awarded at a ceremony held last October 4th at Madrid Official Architects Chamber (COAM) Headquarters.

This past month the residentiacl tower in Alcorcón, designed by Burgos & Garrido arquitectos and developed by Espacio Joven Hogares, was awarded the Best New Private Residential Iniciative. These awards are organized by the Real-Estate Developer Asociation of Madrid to reward the projects designed by Madrilian architects between the years 2009 to 2011.

TC cuadernos publishes in its new issue “Vivienda Colectiva” [#13] a compilation of 20 projects of social housing. They included the two last social housing buildings of Burgos&Garrido: 58 social dwellings in Albacete, Spain and 139 social dwellings in Alcorcón, Madrid.

HIC ET NUNC and SKFANDRA blogs have posted the 139 social house building that burgos & garrido has just finished in Alcorcón. The pictures are from Ángel Baltanás.

After five years of hard work we have finally finished 139 housing dwellings in Alcorcón.

The project is made out of a number of pragmatic, efficient and hygienic blocks that create semi-open protected spaces that contain the 139 dwelling units. The central garden is the heart of the project, although it is open to the exterior to catch outside views.

A very small social dwelling is not a reduced scale of a bigger house. Its dimensions require a new typology, clearly different from the standard social house. The users, young renters with option to buy the apartments, determine and modify the standard criteria in social housing. Flexible housing units are designed with sliding panels, minimum circulation spaces, concentrating the maximum square meters in the living areas that have a visual connection with the kitchen units.

Ginés Garrido and Francisco Burgos discussed his latest project for a social housing project in ‘El Mundo’ newspaper.

The building is composed by 139 dwelling units, grouped in 3 different blocks; the East and West blocks are 7 stories high, while to the south, the units are stacked in a 13 stories high tower, intended as a landmark

The building has an 8mx8m structural frame that allows solving all the dwelling units as diaphanous and flexible interiors, whereas, on the outside, the surface of the connecting corridors is reduced to the minimum possible to give the most amplitude to the common areas.

The article contains a complete video of the building

Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos together with Isasi & Piletain architects just won the first prize to rehabilitate a luxury apartment building at Prim Street, Madrid

The total area amounts to 3,800 m2

There are 9 different housing types, with usable areas that vary from 70 m2 in flats of 1 bedroom to 116 m2 in flats of three bedrooms

Its location in the historic center of Madrid invites to use the magnificent views from the roof to place a comfortable terrace with a swimmingpool

From Burgos & Garrido we are very grateful to Javier Gutierrez Marcos has uploaded to his Flickr a complete photo essay, of our complex of 170 social housing in Sanchinarro, Madrid, finished in 2007.
Here we show you a selection of five of his photos

Program: 170 social housing
Location: c / Princesa de Eboli 1-5, Sanchinarro PAU. Madrid, Spain.
Client: Municipal Housing and Land EMVS Madrid
Floor area: 25,460 m2

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At the past Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale of 2009, Bart and Alexander Sverlov Goldhoorn presented their research on the Urban Block Standard.

In 2010 the Masstab Company brought competition ideas for a new city model based on this study. A 101 is a project for a new town of 150000 inhabitans and 13 million m2 of housing on Moscow outskirts.

Burgos & Garrido, in our interest in continous research, participated in the contest with a proposal which does not seek a single solution but a formal basis for standardization, rules of growth for the city colonization of XXIst century.

The complete project in pdf here

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The proposal has a double scale, one produced by urban scale, and a most domestic one, as consequence of the fragmentation of the project into four smaller pieces that can build an interior garden giving access to all dwellings. This condition allows certain fluidity between fragmented green areas nearby.

The volumes of smaller parts with five heights, avoiding shadow cast along the block length. This block has it ground floor plan open, where only a single flat with a small garden on the ground floor is situated; A four-story building plus a fifth one in which there are three penthouses are built over this open ground floor.

In relation to the difficult balance that occurs between fragmentation and compaction, especially in a place like Albacete with a large number of hours of sunshine, priority has been to capture maximum energy by radiation, in this way Fragmentation is a factor in favor. By contrary, the walls facing southeast and south-west, are highly glazed but protected in all cases with eaves and sliding shutters, protecting the glass  against solar radiation in summer and creating an outdoor space where is possible to peek outside that enriches the quality of the home.

Regarding housing, the project’s clearest aim is the segregation of areas during the day, thus, minimizes irregularities in the structure and installations and to enrich a very rigid layout scheme with small spaces. In total there are 58 houses, each with 3 bedrooms, garage and storeroom.

LOCATION: Parcelas 2 y 3. PAU Cuba Sector R-1. Albacete

CLIENT:  JCCM – Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La  Mancha

ARCHITECTS: burgos&garrido arquitectos asociados

CONTRIBUTORS: María José Arquero, Myriam López, Javier Malo, Agustín Martín, Elena de las Moras, Emilio Ontiveros, Pilar Recio, Pierre Banchet, Carlos Carnicer, Marta Rogado

STRUCTURE: Ingeniería Valladares

SURVEYOR:VJosé Santiago Corvillo


CONSTRUCTION: Promociones y Construcciones SIMCABAL S.L.

DATE: 2003 – 2010

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